13 great gift cards for your Valentine

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Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or is it just another “Hallmark” holiday? I’ve been in both camps. I’ve gone from not caring (when I didn’t have a boyfriend) to loving it (when I did have a boyfriend and in the early stages of marriage) back to not being too fussed.

Handy Hubby and I have plans this year but there won’t be any gifts. With my birthday in January and his in February, a handwritten Valentine’s card with special words is enough.

We’re not ones to be all soppy and lovey-dovey. A good pun and giggle or a beautiful design is more our style when we look for gift cards (the same goes for kid’s birthday cards too).

From lovely sentiments and designs to cheesy puns and great giggles, here are 13 of my favourite Valentine’s cards (click on the image to be taken to the card seller). All sellers featured are Australian but you better get in quick – Valentine’s Day is fast approaching…..


oscar wilde quote

He certainly had a way with words.


eiffel tower
What could be more romantic than Paris?


damn fine wife

Damn straight I am.


putting up with

Honest and to the point. The love hearts add a romantic touch (this card is available as an instant digital download).


love that youre my wife

All together now – ahhhhh. Guys, this will guarantee you a smooch.



youre a twat

This could be a winner…(just kidding Handy Hubby)


One for the hipster in your life.



And if it’s complicated…this card says it all for you (available as an instant digital download).


PapierasPrintables from Brisbane have some giggle-worthy gems available for instant digital download from their Etsy store:

You are the Juan  Cannoli  Ralph Wiggum


I’m such a Ralph Wiggum fan. If you want to borrow Ralph’s smooth moves then look no further than this card:

choo choo
One of my favourite cards is by local Perth stationery designer, Kelsie from K Gets Organised. This card is so bright, happy and lovely that it just makes me smile.

That’s how you should feel when you’re in love, right?

bloomin lovely

An added bonus is that 100% of the purchase of this card for the whole of February goes to SAFE Perth (Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia).  She also has a lovely range of hand painted Valentine’s cards too. Awesome work Kelsie!


Do you include a handwritten card every time you give a gift?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Any special plans for this year?

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